08 Dec 2014

The 2014 Douchebag of the Year Award

There were a lot of douchie things that happened in San Francisco in 2014. We at The Kinda Late Show thought it was important to award the douchiest. So with out further ado here is the Douchebag of the Year Award. If you dig this make sure to come to

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25 Sep 2014

Privacy Tips for Anyone Who Sends Nude Selfies

I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t receive intimate photos of a lover’s ‘cash and prizes’, and widespread sexting and oversharing are probably with us to stay. But people, we’ve got to be vigilant about sexting intelligently to avoid personal risk. In the above selfie, we

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training 0
18 Jan 2021

The 100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2021. You can get something delicious, that will also fill you up, at all these eateries for under

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17 Sep 2010

The Way We Share Now: Digital Luxuries in the Year 2010

One of the great advantages of living with friendly roommates and/or significant others is sharing the cost of things you might have otherwise had to go without if you were living alone and had to pay for them yourself. Like a living room, for example. Square footage and electric bills

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