Eagle Beerbust

06 Oct 2021

The Eagle Has Been Granted Landmark Historical Status

With the Stud closing in 2020 (though currently “alive” in a sort suspended animation) South of Market’s the Eagle becomes the oldest currently operating leather bar in San Francisco. But the Eagle has taken a beating over the last ten years too; the bar announced it would close in 2011,

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01 Jul 2010

$1 Jell-o Shots, Animal Behaviour and $100 to the newest CHICKENBEAR at the Powerhouse July 4

‘œAre you bummed that there isn’t a San Francisco Street fair that specifically targets your metaphoric internal homo animal designation? Are you sorta chickeny? Fox-curious? Wolflexible? Does hotmusclebear.com leave you lukewarm? Are you a Turkey Vulture? A pigasus? A bearacat?’ So say Walter Gòmez and Mica Sigourney of CHICKENBEAR. Sounding

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