ella moss

12 Aug 2009

Cheap Fashion: BCBG & Ella Moss Sample Sale

I hate “Fashion”.  Fashion is for people who don’t have any style.  Follow me here.  See fashion is what’s sold to you by a team of marketers, manufacturers, CEOs and twit designers.  It takes a team of highly paid individuals to swindle large masses of people into thinking that something

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08 May 2009

Skinny Bitches shop for cheap — BCBG, Ella Moss Sample Sale This Saturday!

I cannot fit into anything in BCBG. Yes, I am outing myself on the internet.   I am in no way, shape or form considered slender, skinny, slim, petite, svelte or trim. This does not mean I do not love the stuff BCBG and Ella Moss come out with ‘”

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