21 Oct 2021

In-N-Out’s Billionaire Heiress Has Burger Empire Defying Vaccine Mandates

Lynsi Snyder is a fascinating character, one part Paris Hilton, one part Stephanie McMahon, and one part born-again hellraiser.  Snyder’s been married four times, had four children, opened dozens of restaurants, started a band, a non-profit focused on addiction,  and successfully evaded two kidnapping attempts, all before the age of 40.

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 1
20 Dec 2019

Jesus Opens Up About his Struggles with Mental Illness After Supporting Trump

After millennia in the public eye, Son of God and Savior of Mankind Jesus Christ has begun to speak candidly about his struggles with managing addiction and Bipolar Disorder. “I’ve avoided this long enough,” the member of the Holy Trinity stated while levitating in a beam of golden light. “I