Fort Greene

24 Aug 2012

The 8th Annual Afro-Punk Festival FREE in NYC This Weekend

In 2002 Matthew Morgan and James Spooner joined forces, eventually giving birth to 2003’s cult classic film, Afro-Punk. This visual exploration documented the indie punk rock scene, shedding light on the Black Punks in America, allowing the world to see that this musical genre was not exclusive to just White

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23 Jun 2011

Catch Mos Def and More at the FREE Fort Greene Festival Saturday

I am 100% devoted and true to the neighborhood love of my life Greenpoint, but there’s no harm in having a little crush on Fort Greene is there? I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little nap in Fort Greene Park while belly rubbin’ from some deliciousness at Brooklyn Flea

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15 Nov 2023

A Local Gift Guide Showcasing East Bay Treasures

‘Tis the season once more, and we find ourselves looking for thoughtful gifts for our favorite people. Explore this gift guide featuring small businesses and local artists showcasing their work in the East Bay. We’ve uncovered unique treasures perfect for gifting while also supporting the heartbeat of our local community.

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14 May 2011

Habana Outpost Block Party

One of everyone’s favorite outdoor eateries, Habana Outpost is throwing their annual Block Party all day today. Since it’s only once a year, they’ve managed to jam back every possible activity into one event. With bands playing all day, street vendors hawking their wares and a seemingly endless flow of

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22 Sep 2010

Steamboat: FREE Sexy Comedy Reading

Watching comedians on TV is all right, but the beeps where there should be swearing really detracts from the overall enjoyment. It’s not anywhere near as tragic as when movies get edited for TV and they replace words like “sex” with “the session” and you die a little bit inside.

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18 Sep 2010

Help Yourself and Others: Clothes Recycling at the Saturday Greenmarkets

Football is back. Pumpkin beer is on shelves. People are less shiny and uncomfortable-looking. This can only mean that fall is here! Let’s fill our closets with cozy sweaters to celebrate. If you’re like me, seasonal closet cleaning doesn’t have much to do with actually being organized or providing enough

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10 Aug 2010

Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Vampires Live Forever Series @ BAM

I’m sure everyone is aware that this country is experiencing a vampire moment. Vampires are used to sell everything these days from lunchboxes to chaste values. But before the Twihards ruined this cult genre, there were plenty of great vampire flicks that had nothing to do with sparkles or thinly

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12 Jul 2010

Foodie Ballin’ on a Budget at the BK Flea

I used to live right around the corner from Brooklyn Flea‘s Saturday location (at the corner of Vanderbilt St. & Lafayette St.), and let me tell you – it is a marvel that I am still svelte. In fact, it is a marvel that any of the vendors there manage

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11 Apr 2010

FREE Comedy Show w/Fred Armisen and Brooklyn Flea Returns

Even if your Sunday plans usually just involve some cleverly concealed cocktails and bumming around the park, there’s lots of options for awesome stuff to do today for the more motivated folk. This weekend marks the return of the ever-popular Brooklyn Flea.  There’s a whole new crop of vendors to

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