free tequila tasting

24 Nov 2009

FREE Tequila and Carnitas at 15 Romolo!!

As you well know, I love 15 Romolo.  The Holy Trinity of Vesuvio, Spec’s, and Tosca will always have my undying affection, but Romolo is one of the few bars under 50 years old that I will go to in North Beach.  In fact, I was just there last week

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17 Apr 2009

FREE Tanteo Tequila Tastings Today and Tomorrow

As promised, here is a short list of upcoming Tanteo tastings that are being held around the city.  If you haven’t heard of Tanteo, it will soon be imprinted on your olfactory bulbs because the Jalapeno line has a robust nose that recently blanketed the entire Rose Bar like a