04 Aug 2010

FREE Subscription to 7×7 For All Bay Area Residents!!

This post is sponsored by the fine people at 7×7 Magazine.  You interested in sponsoring a post or advertising on the site?  Holler us at Far too often when you get these giveaway posts it’s like, “Hey I know there’s eleventy-bazillion of you and I only have two tickets

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28 Jun 2010

Win the New Video Game: All Points Bulletin

I LOVE video games.  Like for real.  My biggest problem though is that I just don’t have time for them.  This whole “being self motivated so I can write books and shit” thing makes it so that I pretty much don’t allow myself to have games in the house.  If

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24 Jun 2010

Win a FREE All Acess Badge to the Northside Music Festival

You may have noticed an abundance of cut-off shorts and a general congenial attitude going around, well make no mistake, New Yorker’s are amped for summer. And with this new season marks the beginning of outdoor music festivals and shows. Sure there’s Coachella, Bonnaroo, and the hippest of the hip,

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07 Apr 2010

Win Tickets to “The Irish Curse”

It’s like a ticket giveaway party over here at BAS HQ!  Today I’m giving away a pair of tix to a new off Broadway play called The Irish Curse at the SOHO Playhouse.  To win the tix email me at  If oyu win you’ll be able to choose which

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16 Mar 2010

Win Tickets to ODC’s “Small Plates”

If you’re into contemporary dance, and you’re in San Francisco, then you must know about ODC. They’ve been holding it down in SF since 1976 and are on the forefront of all things dancy…although I’m pretty sure “dancy” isn’t a technical term. I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway

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17 Nov 2009

DVD Giveaway for Bruno!!

If you’ve been paying attention (and I know you have my little darlings) people keep giving me dope shit to give away. I always consider keeping the stuff for myself, but then I think of all you broke-asses out there who need a little extra light in your lives and

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