Golden Gate Park

20 Sep 2010

Drink a Beer and See Some Carnivorous Plants at the Conservatory of Flowers

Yeah, I know I’m just pasting in a press release, but I’m crazy busy today.  Plus I wanna get out and enjoy some of this good weather.  Also the good thing about this event is that you can go and then still come to my party afterwards.  So fuck it,

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15 Sep 2010

Mexican Bicentennial and Centennial Celebration Tonight at City Hall

Up here in the northernmost and wettest reaches of Alta California, la Independencia isn’t even a blip on the radar most years.  Which is why, on this, the Bicentennial of Mexico’s  Independence and Centennial of the Revolution, I had hoped to be in DF drinking cubas, eating chiles en nogada

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05 Oct 2020

The November 2020 BAS Voter Guide

Primarily researched and written by Stephen Torres with help from Stuart Schuffman. We stand at the precipice of one of the most polarizing federal elections that has ever occurred in this country. Each day brings another dash of chaos, and yet here we are, once again sifting through another labyrinthine

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02 Sep 2010

Support DIY Publishing at SF Zine Fest This Weekend

Hey, would you look at that? Print media’s not dead, it’s just gone small-scale. If things like Indie Mart and Etsy can renew the public’s interest in lovingly-crafted stuffed animals and recycled jewelry, why can’t someone do the same for all those things we’d rather read on paper than on

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02 Sep 2010

Cruise Down Mission with Why I Ride: Low and Slow

From the plate glass windows and penny arcades to the small plate restaurants and stylish swill holes, Mission Street changes her gown to accommodate her guests as often as the seasons change elsewhere. Somewhere in between the women in the picture hats and the latest bumper crop of flannel and

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06 Jul 2010

Music Picks of the Week: From Jew Harps to a Pas de Deux

Here are some very varied music picks for the week. Wednesday, July 7th: The Rumble SF. Future Sounds presents the Rumble SF, a FREE concert at Du Nord featuring AB & the Sea, So Many Wizards, and What Laura Says. The event is sponsored by Noise Pop, the Bay Bridged,

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24 Jun 2010

Time Travel to the Year 2000: FREE Lifehouse Concert in Golden Gate Park

Remember how great everything was in the year 2000? Back when we were all 10 years younger than we are now and we thought “Hanging By A Moment” was just a really great song, and that Lifehouse was definitely going to be the next Oasis? Remember back before all the

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23 Jun 2010

Learn to Swing Dance for FREE in Union Square!

In general, I’m not a huge fan of dancing — naturally, I feel extremely uncomfortable when confronted with my complete lack of rhythm — but I’ll tell you what I DO like:  swing dancing.  I think it’s as much the idea as the actual act:  the music, the fashion, the

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20 Apr 2010

The Thing to do Today in San Francisco: Get Really Stoned

As I sat down to write this, my mom called to bust my balls about getting arrested for weed possession, on 4/20, when I was a junior in high school.  She does that just about every year. Yup, today is that day.  You know that one where people celebrate the act

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