grand lake

28 Aug 2011

The Heart & Dagger Saloon: Bring Me Your Tired, Your Poor- And Anyone that Appreciates a Good Beer Garden

It’s almost dangerous that I live around the corner from the Heart & Dagger Saloon in the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland, because a mere glimpse of it makes me want to forget my woes-of-the-moment and relax in the perfect Oakland weather. When you first walk inside, it looks like

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13 Jan 2010

So You Think You Can Draw? Wanna Win $250?

A few years ago Oaklandish began with a simple idea: design a logo that would celebrate the history and culture of Oakland.  But the ‘œroots’ logo became so popular it set off a domino effect and now there is a clothing company, an awesome website, a farmers’ market rig, and

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