happy hour

16 Oct 2009

Go to Fish Bar and be Happy

My friend said he was “free like a bird.” I pointed out that we were at Fish Bar, and he shouldn’t be talking about birds. He then claimed to be “free like a fish?” We decided it was best to stop changing cliches to be about fish. Then he said,

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10 Sep 2009

Comedy Clash and Happy Hour Show with theSet NYC

The cats over at theSet NYC have emailed me a few times and it seems like what they are doing is pretty cool.  Basically they do modern day variety shows highlighting some of NYC’s great up and coming talent. Their next event is tomorrow, 9/11 and it’s gonna be a

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18 Jan 2021

The 100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2021. You can get something delicious, that will also fill you up, at all these eateries for under

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17 Aug 2009

Laugh at The Onion in person

Who doesn’t love the fake news? Network news reports on dumpster diving in the current economy like it’s a new trend, while Stephen Colbert claims to deliver babies through Georgia O’Keefe paintings while making fun of pharmaceutical studies. With headlines like ‘œCraigslist Server Contracts HPV,’ ‘œFun Toy Banned Because of

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13 Aug 2009

Six Hour Happy Hour = Fun with ASSME

Unemployed? Broke?  I have just the thing for you!  Blog’N’Drink: An ASSME Day Party. What is ASSME you ask? Their credo states, ‘œASSME, the American Society of Shitcanned Media Elites, is a collective of experienced writers and editors, designers, illustrators and random others, unmoored by the untimely death of print,

23 Jun 2009

All Day Happy Hour: 20 Hours of Beer on the Wall

When you live in a continuous fog bank, the hours spent self-medicating might be a tad more than that of those who live in sunnier climes of the city.  That said, it would seem the Big Heart Video Café is finally living up to the first half of their name

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21 Jun 2009

Wallet-friendly Advice From Your Friendly El Rio Bartender

As a general rule, I feel odd writing about events going on at my place of employment.  One because its redundant and two..well, best leave that one alone. Most people that have lived in the city for more than five years or live in the Outer Mission/ Bernal/ Excelsior hoods

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22 May 2009

Broke-Ass Porn: Happy Hour

Once a week we present Broke-Ass Porn. It’s visually stimulating material for the financially impaired. If this shit doesn’t get you going, you’re not as broke as you thought

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04 May 2009

Courting Bill W.- Two-4-One Fun at the Midnight Sun

Among the Castro bars, the Midnight Sun earns marks for consistency.  Atmospherically, it can best be described as a giant television.  There is never any natural daylight inside, as that there aren’t any windows, and it boasts no less than five television sets with either a constant rotation of gay

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