Harvey Milk Photo Center Gallery

15 Sep 2023

A Must-See: SF’s Newest Photographic Showcase “Uncanny Beauty”

Uncanny Beauty, the photographic show at the Harvey Milk Center for the Arts, lives up to it’s name. Deftly curated by Emmanuelle Namont, it displays a selection of works from The Bay Area Photographers Collective. Tiny moments captured in the way that only a skilled photographer can float in white

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22 Jun 2023

Art+Pride 2023: Soft Defiance

On June 17th laughter, joy, and art bubbled up all around me at the Art+Pride 2023: Soft Defiance opening at the Harvey Milk Photo Center Gallery. I wandered around the space taking in the diverse array of pieces. Luck was with me as I spotted a sound piece by Criibaby.

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