07 Apr 2011

Obscura Day: Birthday of the Bizarre

Why, “What is Obscura Day?” you might be asking yourself. “Google it like a normal person and find out!” I might answer. But instead, I will tell you. Obscura Day is an annual day of “expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasures in your hometown” put on by the site Atlas

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02 Apr 2011

Discover Yourself Today for FREE

That’s what he said to your mom. Ever wonder why you look exactly like the mailman? Need to back your claim of being half Mexican, half German, and 100% awesome? Well, today you’ll have the chance to uncover all the mysteries of your family’s lineage for FREE at the California

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04 Aug 2021

Hooray! The Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport There’s no better way to explore Oakland and the East Bay than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 28 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 28 of the

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16 Mar 2011

Undo Damage Done with St. Patrick’s Tours at the Merchant House

It’s St. Patrick’s Day ya’ll, one of the few times all year when the rest of the world joins lushes like us in public inebriation before noon. In case you feel rightfully guilty for the booze damage done to your person during the FREE St. Patrick’s Day Parade starting at

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28 Feb 2011

Far-out History Lesson Tonight

All right, you win: Cats don’t wear pajamas, and if you think you’ve seen it, that was actually a dog. But tonight, you can see the next best thing: brainy, brawny skirt Ginger Murray‘s ginchy cabaret at the Make-Out Room. Every Cat’s Pajamas event honors past cultural aesthetics through artistic performances,

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20 Nov 2010

Walking is Free: “The Block Beautiful” on E. 19th

Spent all your money on Maker’s Friday night and now you ain’t got cash for the weekend?  Guess what, po’boys… walking won’t cost you a thing and is one of the best forms of entertainment in our fine city. I’ve found it hard to actually take in the architecture, read

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01 Sep 2010

Get Smarter, Stupid! 8 Free Podcasts

I read a study last week that said that as far as our problem-solving ability and general mental plasticity, our brains finish the major parts of their development by the time we hit 25. That scared me a lot because I engaged in the willful murder of many of  my

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26 Nov 2009

Fraunces Tavern: Color Me Colonial

The other day, via a G-chat conversation, Ashley and I discovered a place in lower Manhattan called Fraunces Tavern, a 3-story brick restaurant with various dining rooms mainly used for what I can only assume to be Colonial-themed occasions, as it’s a historical landmark, of sorts, as it was a

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