Jamba Juice

21 Jun 2011

Pre-Moving To NYC Advice I Never Got

Jessica and Heidi’s respective pre-college and post-college guides got me thinkin’ about the time I made one of the biggest transitions in my life: moving from Southern California to New York. In between that time, I studied abroad in Italy, which was actually sort of a nice way to get

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 2
17 Jan 2011

Post-weekend Detox With $1 Jamba Juice

Sometimes, on the weekends, your body can become a repository for whiskey, cigarettes, and Tombstone frozen pizzas, WHICH, good lord, I recently discovered contain a total of 80 grams of fat per pizza, if you get the pepperoni one. I am not necessarily opposed to consuming that much fat in

Katy B. - Economic Inexpert 0