Little Saigon

12 Mar 2013

Saigon Sandwich: Better Late Than Never

Saigon Sandwich Only a few years ago, the Bahn Mi was a much lesser known quantity than it is today.  It’s current ubiquity in S.F is owed to a large extent, I would argue, to Saigon Sandwich.  For all I know there were Vietnamese sandwiches staring me in the face around

Fatt Mink 2
29 Jul 2010

$3.00 Luxuries in Little Saigon

The ornate columns flanking Larkin at Eddy may be the newest landmarks designating the southern corner of the Tenderloin known as Little Saigon, but one of the most well known and beloved landmarks is the delicious Saigon Sandwiches. It’s a pretty straightforward, albeit tiny, operation specializing in the delectable banh

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