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08 Oct 2009

Tonight is the Night!! FREE beer, Live Music and Circus Performances!!!

Yes indeed., it’s that time! What time? I’m glad you asked! It’s time for the New York City “Fuck the Recession Party” and this shit is gonna be off the proverbial hook! There’s gonna be live music, DJ’s, a bunch of fricking CIRCUS ACTS and FREE BEER! And the best

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23 Sep 2009

“You are Here” at Death by Audio is aMAZE-ing

Every time I watched Alice in Wonderland as a kid, I would watch the painting the roses red scene and want to go play in a giant maze–minus the queen coming to yell at me. As an adult, all I have to do is walk over to Death by Audio

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04 Aug 2021

Hooray! The Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport There’s no better way to explore Oakland and the East Bay than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 28 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 28 of the

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17 Sep 2009

Top NYC Concerts of The Summer of ’09

I know the summer isn’t technically over until September 22, but I’m going to go ahead and draw a line in the sand here and now.  THE BUCK STOPS HERE, as that racist bastard Harry Truman would say.  In fact, these words were carved on a sign he had in

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28 Aug 2009

Amoeba Watch — FREE peformance by Ty Segall at 6pm!

Ty Segall is hypnotizing. A bit of a trip in modern rock, he blends old standards with dance-y beats and plenty of noise to create something truly unique. He’s local, and contributes and collaborates with one of my favorite local bands, Thee Oh Sees. He’s playing the SF Amoeba today

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27 Aug 2009

Tonight: 6 Acts for $6 @ Hotel Utah Saloon!!

This Thursday night, Hotel Utah Saloon is playing host to ‘œRoots n’ Ruckus,’ a show promising an amazing lineup of local and touring musicians, and a lot of bang for your buck: 6 acts for $6 bucks’”a dollar a band?  That’s practically FREE! It’s gonna be a wild and eclectic mix:

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