15 Jan 2020

If You Really Want to Be an Advocate, You Might Have to Sacrifice Your Memes Sometimes

BY KATE HAVERSTON “Shoot first and ask questions later” has always been spectacularly bad advice. And whether there’s a gun in your hand or a camera, the consequences of heeding it can be swift, harsh and irreversible. The internet is a gift. We’re in the process of ruining it, but it’s

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16 Jul 2014

California Community College Enrollment and Survival: Advice to the Independent Financial Aid Student

Next month – most classes start August 18 – most of you ugly mugs will descend like locusts upon community college campuses with hopes of receiving your certificate in being an assistant to a nurse’s assistant. But, you haven’t enrolled in your classes yet. You’re sleepin’ and you’re a dummy. ENROLL NOW.

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