New May Wah

04 Mar 2019

The Best Cheap Eats in the Richmond District

The Richmond District is a sleepy stretch of San Francisco that’s easy to think of as the edge of the world. It’s cold, windy, foggy, and thanks to our beaches and two major parks, has a quieter than usual feel than other SF neighborhoods. The Richmond is not a traditionally

Michael Warner 3
29 Mar 2010

A Bit of Blood and Bargains at New May Wah

Trader Joe’s bags you at the snacks.  Safeway is but a necessary evil – gouging you at every turn. The store on the corner’s often a misguided venture, usually heavily influenced by extreme hunger or heavy influence.  Where does one turn?  Well if one lives in the nosebleeds of the

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco) 0