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04 Feb 2016

Pro-Rape Men’s Group Cancels International Day of Meetups

Can we get a collective “hell yeah!”? As we reported yesterday a pro-rape men’s group, called Return of the Kings had planned on holding 165 meetings in 43 countries across the world. The decent human beings of the world rose up with a loud “the fuck???” and the international day o douche-ism has been cancelled.

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03 Feb 2016

Pro-Rape Men’s Group Having Public Meetups in SF, NYC, and Beyond

I just got word that a pro-rape men’s group, called Return of the Kings, is having an international meetup day on February 6th. Besides the fact that their name sounds more like a George R.R. Martin fan club than a wannabe macho men’s group, these guys are genuinely creepy. Their penis-wrinkle

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