22 Aug 2009

Warm Up (like you need help doing that) at P.S.1 Today

So it’s almost the end of August.  Remember all those plans you had way back in May and haven’t gotten around to yet?  Well it’s time to get started folks. Head over to P.S.1 ‘“ like right now ‘“ because today (Sat. Aug. 22) the MoMA extension in Long Island

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21 Jul 2009

NY Bar Review: Lucky Mojo in L.I.C

A couple of weekends ago some friends and I got on line for P.S.1’s very first”Warm Up” Party in Long Island City.  I was feeling optimistic about it, especially since I was able to convince my one modern-art-hatin’-mainstreamer friend to come and was hoping that we’d all get drunk, enjoy

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