05 Jun 2019

The Lede: When News, Food and Booze Collide…in Oakland

There’s a transforming space in Oakland that may not call itself a pub but will function more like actual public houses of years past than any other place around. Pubs were once places where people gathered for much more than a pint and warm meal. They were community centers in

27 Jul 2015

The 10 Oldest Bars in the World

Let’s go back 1,000+ years and explore history through some of the finest drinking establishments known to man. Do you like history, witchcraft, and booze? Well, this is the article for you.

Rae Bathgate - Down and Out and Overseas 1
16 May 2022

The June 2022 BAS Voter Guide

This guide was done in conjunction with the League of Pissed Off Voters. – If you’d like to help pass out the printed voter guides, email the League at – Want to get involved in the endorsement process? Learn more right here. Dear San Francisco, We love you, but

BAS Editorial Team 2
17 Aug 2012

Commonwealth Café & Public House: The Perfect Spot for the Common Public

One of my very favorite places in Oakland to enjoy a pint has recently closed due to a kitchen fire. I’m not sure when re-opening is due to happen, but I hope it’s quick and relatively painless for those who run this wonderful establishment. Located on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland

Chloe Doores - Economical in the East Bay 0
16 Nov 2011

Dempsey’s Drunken Smartass Olympics

You had me at “Drunken.” Dempsey’s in the East Village is known for their Wednesday pub trivia night… and the title just makes me happy. The Drunken Smart Ass Olympics prides itself on the diverse topic range of the questions and since you can have 5 in your team, I

Quincey Trigillo - Judicious Journalist 0
15 Nov 2011

Rathbones Pub & Grill’s Weekly Specials

Happy hour has become the standard in bars since who knows when. You usually get a dollar off all drinks or some other type of special. Rathbones gives you the best of both worlds — ­specials on both food and drinks. From 7-11 PM you will receive a unique special

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage 0