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If only I had a public restroom!
31 Aug 2022

An End to Soiled San Francisco Sidewalks?

Between finding parking and finding an apartment in San Francisco ranks the undue stress of searching for a public restroom. The city has few truly public restrooms to begin with, and most of them close overnight. Few alternatives exist. Sooner or later you’re bound to find a hot, wet coil

Jake Warren 3
13 Mar 2012

See Keith Haring’s Famous Bathroom Mural– FREE at The Center

Look around you– art is everywhere.  It’s mounted gloriously on the white walls of the museum, in gorgeous sculpture gardens, and displayed on the refrigerators of doting parents.  And sometimes, great art is found in the crapper.  At least if you’re the legendary artist Keith Haring, who painted an awe-inducing,

Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless 0
15 Feb 2023

The 2023 SF Wine Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the 2023 SF Wine Passport! There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. You get 2-for-1 glasses of wine at 23 of SF’s finest locally owned bars and restaurants for only $39.95! It honestly doesn’t get much better than that. And after the

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 0
02 Apr 2010

Top 5 Tips on How to Navigate the World of the Public Restroom

Public restroom. The phrase has an antiquated ring to it like ‘œpay phone,’ or ‘œfax machine.’ But just like those two seemingly outdated inventions, the public restroom still has its time, its place, and its occasionally urgently-needed purpose. Anyone who’s ever been on tour, or an extended road trip of

24 Jul 2009

Piss Off!

I want to talk about an issue that’s been pissing me off-literally!-for quite some time and it’s something that I think fellow Broke-Asses will understand.

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