28 Oct 2011

Broke-Ass Mom “Me” Time

Every parent needs a break, and Broke-Ass Moms are no exception. The question is what to do, and where to go…well, and how much time do you have? I love fantasizing about a weekend away when I can sit on the beach in my bikini lookin’ fine (this is my

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14 Oct 2011

Calling all Broke-Ass Moms

Anyone know where other Broke-Ass Moms hang out? Yeah, I can’t find them either. But I know you’re out there. Maybe you’re lurking through the Goodwill bins for a Halloween costume, busy composting your coffee grounds, or reading the latest book you checked out of the library with your toddler

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07 Oct 2021

BAS is Looking for a Couple New Writer/Editors

Since 2007 has been dedicated to bringing you the most important news, arts, culture, nightlife, and progressive activism in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Our goal is to amplify voices that may not always get heard and stick up for working people when no one else will…and

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07 Oct 2011

Car Sharing

Sometimes being a Broke-Ass Mom means giving up a few things for the greater good, and sometimes that greater good is paying rent.  After succumbing to the idea that I am no longer that beer funneling, dance-my-ass-off-til-3am, or sleep-till-noon kind of person anymore, the next hardest thing was figuring out

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30 Sep 2011

Broke-Ass Mom and Mass Transit 201

If you think you’ve mastered mass transit because since last week you’ve become a black belt in riding a train, think again. We have yet to discuss how to get on and off a train or a bus. The first question is how far do you have to walk to

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23 Sep 2011

Broke-Ass Mom and Mass Transit 101

Now that you’re car-free, mass transportation should be your new best friend.  If you’re not careful, what was once as easy as “hop on and hop off” can now be the most miserable thirty minutes of your day. The goal is to not get a standing ovation as you and

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by msderrick IStockphoto
26 Aug 2011

Broke-Ass Mom: Who is This Mommy No Bucks?

“What makes life interesting is not the things you own, but the shit you do.” This is Broke-Ass Stuart’s mantra and I couldn’t agree more. Hi. I’m the new Broke-Ass Mom in town, but please call me “Mommy No Bucks”. I’ve recently shed my three piece navy suit, nude stockings,

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