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28 May 2019

Did San Francisco’s Oldest Bar, The Saloon, Actually Burn Down in 1906?

The Saloon, in North Beach, is regularly touted as San Francisco’s oldest bar, dating back to 1861. While other bars were started sooner, their original buildings were destroyed during the 1906 earthquake and fire. The Saloon miraculously survived thanks to the firefighters and sailors that stretched a hose from the Bay in order to rescue the prostitutes that lived above the watering hole.

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18 Apr 2016

6 Shaky Tales in Honor of the SF Earthquake’s 110th Birthday

There are quintessential first-time experiences one never forgets. First kiss. First job. First earthquake. Though your first earthquake is not nearly as pleasant as the former two (I mean, I would hope so), the visceral experience alters your perception of the planet and its capabilities. Once you witness the primal

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