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28 Jun 2021

That ‘Car Break-Ins Are Up 750% In SF’ Report Is Bullsh!t

The San Francisco media landscape’s latest pearl-clutching, panties-in-a-bunching hysteria comes from a report in today’s Chronicle entitled “Car break-ins are up 753% in S.F.’s tourist hub.” KRON-4 declared they had “reported countless auto break-ins caught on surveillance video.” ABC-7, recently busted for falsifying details in a Chesa Boudin hit piece,

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20 Sep 2018

Farewell and F*ck You, Michael Bauer

Corrupt and corporate San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer has finally been put out to pasture, ending his way-too-long 32-year run as San Francisco’s shadiest restaurant reviewer. Bauer mailed it in for his final review last Friday, a four-star blowjob to the “reimagined Michael Mina” which has been there

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08 Nov 2021

How to Get $300+ Worth of Free Stuff at Rad Bay Area Restaurants

I am extremely excited to announce the release of The Delicious Card! Delicious cardholders get awesome deals at over 37 delectable Bay Area eateries! Membership is a great way to explore new places, support local businesses, AND support local journalism. And all you gotta do is join the Broke-Ass Stuart Patreon for $10

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14 Oct 2016

Farewell and F*** You, C.W. Nevius

Farewell and good riddance to San Francisco’s most insufferable complainy-pants newspaper columnist C.W. Nevius, whose “Get off my lawn” diatribes for some reason have been published by the San Francisco Chronicle for the last 36 years. Nevius announced he was leaving the Chronicle this week, and we slam the door behind

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11 Nov 2011

Madonna Book Signing (Mr. Madonna, That Is)

Paul Madonna could be called San Francisco’s sketchiest man, but it would only apply in the utmost literal of senses. Known for his pen and ink depictions of SF streetscapes and architectural details, the artist was Mad Magazine’s first-ever art intern before snagging a weekly comic strip in the Chronicle.

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03 Feb 2010

Weekly Music Video: Judgement Day’s “Cobra Strike”

For a special installment of  Humpday Video I bring you Judgement Day’s “Cobra Strike”.  You might remember them from our awesome band interview or from their huge feature in the SF Chronicle. This video is pretty bad ass and because of that you should try to share it with other

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23 Dec 2009

Broke-Ass Stuart in the SF Chronicle!!

So a few Mondays ago Meredith May from the San Francisco Chronicle followed me around for a bit while I did some holiday shopping.  I ended up buying a few books and some novelty gifts and we chatted about all things Broke-Ass.  All that wandering and talking we did was

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