San Francisco history

19 Sep 2022

The Real & Imagined History of Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe

There are no cigars there. Not anymore, at Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Cafe Store. North Beach, that righteous, riotous and literarily relevant San Francisco neighborhood of great charm has long become a tourist destination. Arguably, it is now a neighborhood primarily cultivated and sustained through tourism. It’s where all the sailors

Ginger Murray 2
19 Aug 2022

The Bay Area’s Lost Statue Of Liberty

I was snooping around old newspaper clippings the other day, looking to see what San Francisco was like 100 years ago, and found a super interesting article. Did you know that Treasure Island (Yerba Buena) almost had its own 700-foot Statue of Liberty?! The local paper, San Francisco CALL, reports

Katy Atchison 0
07 Sep 2022

What it’s Like Writing About San Francisco for 20 Years

In celebration of my 20th year in SF, I am extremely excited to announce Slouching Towards Neverland: 20 years of Writing About San Francisco. Here’s a quick rundown: – This limited edition, hand-signed, new zine covers my two decades of writing about this strange and beautiful city. – Besides well known

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08 Aug 2022

A Look at Before and After The Embarcadero Freeway Came Down

Current mood: extremely thankful for how the Embarcadero looks today versus how it did in the past. While no doubt useful, the elevated double-decker Embarcadero Freeway (also known as California State Route 480) was hardly aesthetically pleasing compared to the Embarcadero of today. After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake severely

Jenna Homen 1
25 Jul 2022

Here’s What It Looks Like Under Those Brick Circles In the Street

Those mysterious brick circles you see on streets? They are cisterns — a form of ancient technology adopted after the 1906 earthquake to aid firefighting. We all know about the fires that ravaged the city after the 1906 earthquake, made worse due to the rupture of water and sewage lines.

Jenna Homen 5
05 Apr 2022

Rediscovering My San Francisco Roots

What I’m about to tell you isn’t a secret. I’m from the East Bay. I was born in Walnut Creek, lived in Oakland’s Laurel neighborhood until I was 12 and then moved around Contra Costa until we ended up finding a permanent spot in Martinez. I lived in Emerson Arms,

Abraham Woodliff - Bay Area Memelord 1
06 Oct 2021

The Eagle Has Been Granted Landmark Historical Status

With the Stud closing in 2020 (though currently “alive” in a sort suspended animation) South of Market’s the Eagle becomes the oldest currently operating leather bar in San Francisco. But the Eagle has taken a beating over the last ten years too; the bar announced it would close in 2011,

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30 Aug 2021

They Once Wanted To Put a Restaurant On Top of Sutro Tower

The iconic San Francisco “space fork” known as Sutro Tower has become a recognized symbol for t-shirts and tattoos, but the 48-year-old radio and TV signal tower was the result of a hard-fought battle between local radio and TV stations. Some wanted it where it ended up being built near

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25 Aug 2021

SF Nightclub Legend Harry Denton Has Died

Harry Denton’s Starlight Room atop the Sir Francis Drake Hotel has not been Harry Danton’s Starlight Room since 2019, when its name changed. But that very same Harry Denton once owned four nightclubs with his name on them across San Francisco, bringing glitz, glamor, and velvet ropes to the SF

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