01 Feb 2022

Oakland Is Attempting To Close Schools In Low Income Neighborhoods

Children who attend school in Oakland have it pretty fuckin’ rough. There’s no doubt about it. The schools in Oakland are notoriously underfunded and dysfunctional. And for many students, especially in low income neighborhoods, school is one of the only places that underprivileged kids are guaranteed a meal.  So why

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20 Jul 2017

City Secrets : Free Horticulture & Floristry Classes for City Residents

I just took a class this summer called Introduction to Environmental Horticulture which was taught by Malcolm Hillan and it was so engaging, interesting and fun. The course consisted of lecture time, hands-on learning in the department’s gardens and greenhouses, and included some field trips too.

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17 Jun 2022

The San Francisco Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the San Francisco Beer Passport. There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 37 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 37 of the finest locally owned bars,

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11 May 2012

Broke-Ass Mom: Should You Send Your Kid to Preschool?

Is nursery school for a Broke-Ass Mom?  For over a year now I’ve been telling myself, and anyone else who will listen that nursery school, or preschool, is a big waste of time and money.  I kept asking myself why do people spend thousands of dollars to send their child

Jennifer White - Mommy No Bucks 3
05 Feb 2011

FREE University of San Francisco Teach-In

FACT: Learning is fun! Student loans? Un-fun. Thankfully, some really smart people got together and came up with the great idea of starting a FREE University of sorts. The historic first Teach-In will be happening this Saturday and Sunday and will offer classes covering a wide array of topics. Their

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13 Apr 2010

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: Cheap Ways to Get an Education

It can feel daunting to think about how to come up with the time and the funds to educate yourself. Also, maybe you love to learn and you are an experiential learner or in some other way not perfectly designed for traditional schooling. Maybe you love traditional schooling. Either way, let’s find some ideas for a Broke Ass Education.

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28 Jul 2009

FREE: Big Gay Spelling Bee!

If you’re like me, you peaked early in life, say, somewhere around the age of 8.  If you’re really like me a big part of hitting that peak was being the first grade winner of the Stillman School spelling bee in Tenafly, New Jersey and being catapulted to fame in

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