17 May 2010

Sometimes Being Friends Is Better Than Dating Somone

Have you ever met a guy that has a great personality, sense of humor, is attractive, you’re attracted to him, etc, except you’re not really sure that you should “go there”sexually/dating-wise with him?  Maybe like, you can see how things would end, or you can totally envision the problems that

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 1
10 May 2010

6 Wistful Thinking Tracks

You know what’s the best?  When you’re either so set on someone, you can’t stop thinking about them and how right it all feels, or when you’re not really stuck on anyone in particular to the degree that you’re not even thinking of anyone from your past. Either way, there’s

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 1
08 Nov 2021

How to Get $300+ Worth of Free Stuff at Rad Bay Area Restaurants

I am extremely excited to announce the release of The Delicious Card! Delicious cardholders get awesome deals at over 37 delectable Bay Area eateries! Membership is a great way to explore new places, support local businesses, AND support local journalism. And all you gotta do is join the Broke-Ass Stuart Patreon for $10

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03 May 2010

Take My Ex-Boyfriends, Please

I know it seems like a no-brainer to stop talking to/seeing/fucking your ex.  But, you know how it is….sometimes it just kinda takes a long time for you or them to fully let go.  And sometimes, it’s completely impossible to talk your friends out of something that they can’t help

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 0
26 Apr 2010

What NOT To Play Back At Your House

So you’ve successfully nabbed your date back to the old pad.  Instead of filling the noise with an endless stream of your unstoppable chatter, it’s probably a good move to throw some music on.  This can be tricky, because you don’t want to come off as sleazy, lame, or just

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 5
19 Apr 2010

How Not To Write A Breakup Letter

Hey, you know what’s not acceptable in almost any circumstance?  Breaking up with someone via email.  I mean, maybe if you’re breaking up with your Second Life wife, that’s one thing, but if you’re over the age of 15 and you’ve met the person you’re dating in real life, writing

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 4
12 Apr 2010

You’re Hot And All, But I Think I Hate You

Don’t you fucking hate it when you meet someone gorgeous, and everything seems to be going okay so far: they don’t like The Dave Matthews Band, they have a reasonably respectable job, they’re not raging lunatics as far as any of your conversations have gone, but then all of a

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 5
29 Mar 2010

Legitimately Attractive Teen Idols

I don’t know exactly exactly at what point the Western world decided that THIS counts as an attractive teen idol, but baaaack in myyyy daaaay, (pre-Hanson, most definitely), the celebrities my friends and I had crushes on probably had at least 1-2 pubes.  Look, I know by definition that teen

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 2
22 Mar 2010

What Kind of An Asshole Are YOU?

As with whoever wrote about 90 Types of Bitches, likewise, I say there are a comparable amount of types of assholes.  I, however, am just going to share a a few with you here and now. Now YOU can determine what kind of an asshole you are or know in

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 8