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29 May 2010

Hoes Weising Hoes – Getting Your Friends To Drink Budweiser

It took Bros Icing Bros about two weeks to go viral and spawn the spin-off, Hoes Weising Hoes. The Encyclopedia Brotannica and the BroBible declared that women can’t fairly get iced because they actually like the taste of Smirnoff (hence why it’s called “bitch beer”), so the only reasonable alternative

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15 May 2010

Bros Icing Bros: Making Your Friends Drink Smirnoff Ice

Fridays at my office (and I’m assuming all offices) are generally spent counting down the minutes until the weekend officially starts. We typically use alcohol to pass the time over here, but you can only hide so many kegs in a conference room closet that you paid for with a

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date 0