spelling bee

12 Sep 2009

Brooklyn Spelling Bee, Garden Yoga, and Writer’s Workshops

WILLIAMSBURG SPELLING BEE I used to clam up when it came time for spelling bees in 4th Grade.  I was, and still am, a horribly useless speller.  However, I love watching ‘œbees,’ and this one sounds like a heck-ve-a-lota fun!  Pete’s Candy Store’s Spelling Bee with Bobbyblue and Jenisfamous happens

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28 Jul 2009

FREE: Big Gay Spelling Bee!

If you’re like me, you peaked early in life, say, somewhere around the age of 8.  If you’re really like me a big part of hitting that peak was being the first grade winner of the Stillman School spelling bee in Tenafly, New Jersey and being catapulted to fame in

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