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10 Mar 2021

SF’s Legendary ‘Bush Man’ Is Still At It—In Key West, Florida

A busker/street performer had an infamous, 35-year Fisherman’s Wharf run delighting and infuriating random tourist passersby by scaring them while disguised as a shrubbery. But we now learn that he’s still doing that same schtick 3,270 miles away, decades later, in Key West, Florida.  The “Bush Man” is still disguising

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30 May 2010

Owl Tree — FREE Food During Weekday Happy Hour!

I don’t hang out in the Union Square area often.  It’s too loud and schizo for me between the tourists, the crackheads and the street performers gyrating to Michael Jackson songs and beating the shit out of trash cans.  But one bar I will brave the thousands of Street Sheet

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