subway etiquette

26 Feb 2013

Bus/Train Etiquette in NYC for the Fellow Broke-Ass Travelers

Just a little word of advice for the fellow broke-ass bus and train riders: There ARE actually a list of do’s and don’ts that may be useful to some or useful to others when it comes to riding the bus or train. These rules are also specific to NYC travelers.

Joanne Rae - Coinless Wanderer 0
01 Oct 2010

5 Behaviors That Justify Being a Total Bitch

Yesterday for no particular reason I was getting angered by everything. And at first I really thought it was the rest of the world’s fault, like, why are people being such ASSHOLES today? But then on the train home I almost asked the guy sitting across from me to stop

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15 Nov 2023

A Local Gift Guide Showcasing East Bay Treasures

‘Tis the season once more, and we find ourselves looking for thoughtful gifts for our favorite people. Explore this gift guide featuring small businesses and local artists showcasing their work in the East Bay. We’ve uncovered unique treasures perfect for gifting while also supporting the heartbeat of our local community.

Katy Atchison 0
03 May 2010

Guerrilla Subway Etiquette

There are few New York institutions that are more well known and frequently used than the subway. The best thing about the subway is that it will always get you home, no matter what time it is or how drunk you are. But a lot of people seem to forget

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