summer solstice

16 Jun 2020

The Summer Solstice At Stonehenge Will Be Streamed Live Online

The summer solstice is in a few days, and Stonehenge is closed because of COVID-19. But this year they’re going to stream the sunrise coming up over the mythical Stonehenge rocks in Wiltshire, southwestern England, so all you pagans and druids can totally tune in and watch it live. The

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20 Jun 2011

FREE Summer Solstice Dance Party!

Okay, so we’re jumping the gun by, like, a day. But by the time this party’s over, summer will be in full swing. Go to 800 Larkin tonight for the FREE Solstice Slam! Let’s get serious for a moment: The Summer Solstice in the U.S. occurs when the Northern Hemisphere

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