19 Sep 2012

Happy Hour at Sushi Time, Subterranean Haven

The belly of the beast One of my favorite happy hours for sushi is brought to you by Sushi Time, secreted down in an anonymous little nook of The Castro.  It’s like a little wad of cud some forlorn cow forgot in the back of its mouth. If that’s not

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11 Sep 2012

The Sushi Nazi of Cole Valley, Get It While You Can

The “Where’s Waldo” of Sushi Restaurants The most under-the-radar sushi restaurant –no, scratch that- the most under-the-radar restaurant of any kind is located in Cole Valley, near the corner of Cole and Carl Streets. It’s called Hama-Ko, a fact you wouldn’t glean from perusing the restaurant’s frontage, nor its menu.

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18 Jan 2021

The 100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2021. You can get something delicious, that will also fill you up, at all these eateries for under

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11 Oct 2011

NaNa Restaurant and Bar

Sushi and beer. That’s an odd combination that Brooklyn’s NaNa Bar offers to its patrons. If you’re in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn and you’re in the mood for some Asian cuisine and some drinks you should stop by NaNa’s Restaurant & Bar. They offer different variations of rolls

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12 Jun 2011

My Strange Addiction: Social Coupons

I receive about 80 emails a day from deal-discounting sites: VOICE by SF Weekly, Facebook Deals, Scoutmob, LivingSocial, Daily Gourmet, Vegan Cuts, Gilt City, Groupon, and so forth. And I buy them all the time. This didn’t seem like much of a problem to me at first: “I’m going out

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01 Jun 2011

Variety Cafe Lives Up To Name, With Some Cheapo Bonuses

So you’re in midtown. Whoops. Perhaps you need some crazy diamonds, or you’re praying to some pagan god for discount Book of Mormon tickets, or you just took a wrong turn in Hell’s Kitchen. No matter what way you slice it, the homogeneity of the landscape is dulling to the

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22 May 2011

Free Saki-Soaked Sushi at Sapporo Haru

Usually the words “cheap” and “sushi” do not sit so well together; ending only in feelings of remorse and painful, painful nausea. But Sapporo Haru is not your typical toilet bowl hugging mistake. Sure, the decor is stale and reminiscent of a doctor’s office, but that’s jus cuz they wanna

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16 Mar 2011

Five and Dime Sale at Spoonbill & Sugartown

First come sushi restaurants, then comes a chain drug store, then a palm reader, and then a neighborhood has reached the peak of gentrification. The sushi and Thai joints arrived on Bedford Ave long ago, but the palm reader spot and Duane Reade are brand spanking new. (As are a

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01 Sep 2010

Return of the Awesome Divis Art Walk Thursday Night!

Yes, neighbors, it’s time for the fall edition of the Divis Art Walk — and I’m not going to be there.  I wish I was, though, because the last art walk here was described to me as “crazy, fratty drunkenness taking over the sidewalks,” and that’s definitely my kind of

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