30 Jun 2021

Tempest Under Fire For Bartender Allegedly Creeping In Ladies Room

South of Market dive bar Tempest, like many SF dive bars, boasts relatively disgusting bathrooms. But a staff member’s behavior in those bathrooms is that establishment’s biggest problem right now, as SFGate reports two women say they were stalked into the ladies room by a male Tempest staffer.  This is

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14 Apr 2015

Spray Turns a Ballpark of Giants Fans into a Community of Baseball Neighbors

Oh hell yes. It’s finally baseball season and the San Francisco Giants, the champions of the goddamned world (or at least of the US and one city in Canada) are playing at AT&T Park. You’ve been waiting for this since October when you celebrated their championess by jumping over unnecessary fires on Valencia Street. You are a FAN!

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