The Tonga Room

19 Apr 2017

Tiki Bars of San Francisco: Paradises and Deep Dives

The first time I went to a Tiki Bar, I didn’t expect to love it, but I did. I loved it A LOT. I tend to like experiences and things that aren’t about taking yourself seriously, that are just about having a good time: this is Tiki Bars in a nutshell. Tiki Bars combine elements of old school kitsch, immersive escapism, and unapologetic tackiness in a way that I just find really mood-lifting (and until people start opening ghost bars in San Francisco, they’re your best bet for an immersive alcoholic experience).

26 Feb 2016

7 San Francisco Bars to Cry In by Yourself

It’s been the worst day imaginable. Your dog died, you got fired, your laptop was stolen, and your partner comes out of the closet – as actually being straight – and runs away with someone of the opposite gender. All you wanna do is go to the nearest bar and be left alone to cry your eyes out into a big glass of booze. Here’s a list of the best bars in San Francisco to do that in.

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 2