14 Nov 2012

Movies and Drinking in Wburg’s DIY theater $5

Do you ever find yourself getting caught in a YouTube film clip vortex? Maybe you’re looking up something for work or you’re just finishing your lunch hour with a little preview of Tremors V. Then you notice that funny scene from Seinfeld where Elaine and Mr. Lippman debate the name

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19 Oct 2012

The Essential Weekend CMJ FREE Party List: Criterion Selection

If you’re not going to these parties, you might as well board the next slow bus to Cincinnati. I don’t care how infuriatingly sexy all of it is going to be. I don’t care how insecure all the insouciance is going to make you feel. Did I mention that it’s

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12 Apr 2021

Broke-Ass Stuart is Looking for a New Arts & Events Editor

Broke-Ass Stuart has been at the center of the events and arts scene in the Bay Area for over 15 years. And right now we are looking to bring on a new editor to focus on events as the world begins to open back up. This is a cool opportunity since events will be taking

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21 Sep 2012

Best of Broke Ass Greenpoint: Transmitter Park

Homeslices, there’s a new park in Greenpoint. Completed in August and inaugurated with little fanfare by Mayor Bloomberg, Transmitter Park (named after the space’s previous tenant, the radio station WNYC) is the latest multi-million dollar renovation on the northern Brooklyn waterfront. The park is located at the end of Greenpoint

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18 Sep 2012

“Bad Movies & the People Who Love Them” Variety Show FREE Tomorrow Night at Public Assembly

I’m pretty sure you have one bad movie that you enjoy watching over and over again. It’s a guilty pleasure and you just hate to admit it. Fortunately for you there is actually a group of people that get together to watch these atrocities as a hobby. They share their

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18 Sep 2012

Sashay Away to FREE Zumba Classes Every Wednesday in Williamsburg

I, like many others, love myself a little Latin flavor. I also– like many others– enjoy gyrating in a semi-slutty way, while wearing stretchy pants, and a ponytail, and sweating out all of my toxins in a roomful of other ladies doing the same thing. What I’m describing here is

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11 Sep 2012

Digging on “The Dig”: A Broke-Ass Exclusive With Brooklyn’s Hottest Band

The Dig The Dig is bringing back the grunge, the grit and the self-described “badass loser rock” that Brooklyn’s been craving for years. Led by the band’s two vocalists and childhood friends, Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin, the local New York City group is coming right off the heels of

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04 Sep 2012

Looking For A Low-Key Bar? Try The Gibson in Williamsburg

I was roaming the diversified streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn as I waited for some friends to arrive. I decided to kill some time by stepping into the unknown abyss that is The Gibson. It was a slow Thursday night as I walked into this dimly lit establishment with two projectors

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17 Aug 2012

Summer Soul Sessions FREE at The Paperbox NYC. Win A HP Laptop w/ Beats Audio!

The Couch Sessions presents: Summer Soul Sessions at The Paperbox NYC on Saturday, August 18th. This FREE event will be putting some entertaining electro-soul/pop, hip-hop, indie rock and chill wave acts on display. Hosted by The Company Man, the event will open its doors at 10pm and the place will

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