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30 Jan 2019

“Black Vines” Puts Oakland-Based Black Winemakers at the Center of the Table

Oakland will be hosting events throughout the month of February to showcase black winemakers, most from coming from the East Bay. The annual Black Vines festival is a “winter celebration of culture, art, and wine education that brings together Black artists, Black musicians, and Black winemakers and vintners” that will culminate

26 Nov 2018

How to Drink Wine and Not Become a Monster

I drink wine, often, and in high quantities. I have not always been in this habit, but it comes with the territory of being the Chief Wine Educator and Founder of WineUp. I get asked all the time, “How do you combat the undesired physical effects of wine”? I’m here to share the scoop with you my fellow oenophiles!

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