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A Post Punk Anti-Prom

It seems like we’ve been living in the “post” era for some time now.  Post-rock, post-sarcasm, people have even gone so far as to mention that we might be post-racism.  (Though I know a lot of us would strongly disagree.)  Anyway, tonight you’re invited to a Postpunk Anti-Prom.  Or Not invited, rather.  (You know… the whole “anti-“ thing?)

With guest DJs Grant aka Insideout, Dan Selzer, Bethany Benzur.  No Prom Pics by Seze.  Kiss and Tell, a monthly party at Rose Live Music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has been producing unique theme based events for over four years. Each month Kiss and Tell invites well-known electronic music DJs eager to play a different kind of set, filled with music outside of the genres they are known for. DJs play italo, disco (classics and edits), party jams, electro, house, girl groups, gothypants, new wave, and post punk.

This month the ladies at Kiss & Tell are hosting their own party and skipping the prom. They invited two all time favorite Kiss & Tell DJs to play postpunk and other gems. Wear something old, torn, and stolen. Black leather and safety pins. Neon, neon, neon. A nice Jonathan Richman suit. Big Gothy Robert Smith Hair. Thin ties. Cut up band T-shirts.

Run and cokes are $5.  Vegetarian pasta dinners are also $5!  Come hungry, leave wasted.

Kiss and Tell: Postpunk Anti-Prom
Wednesday, May 12th
Rose Bar
345 Grand Street (between Marcy and Havemeyer St) [Williamsburg]
$FREE, $5 rum and coke, $5 vegetarian pasta dinners

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