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I love you. That’s why my team and I have been bringing you the best, weirdest, and most wonderful events, articles, and general fuckery for nearly a decade. That said, I’m still broke as shit and running this magnificent website is costly (I mean god damn redoing this thing was expensive!).

Do you love what we do? Have our words and photos made you squirt milk out your nose from laughing? Have they made you tear up? Or better yet, have they helped you find a deal or a bar or a restaurant that has made your life better? I thought so! So here’s you’re chance to literally pay back the mirth we’ve added to your life.

Please give us your money . Seriously, we need it. Most of the money you donate will go to allowing me to finally pay the fantastic people who contribute to this site. The other part will go to things like server costs and site maintenance.

Think about it: for the cost of a beer or two you can finally tell people that you are a “patron of the arts”. You can even put it on your business cards! So please help us to continue making life bearable for all the broke-asses out there who rely on this site. We’re like PBS but for drunk people and the world needs us now more than ever.

Thank you. I love you motherfuckers.

Broke-Ass Stuart




(Just kidding about the last two…kinda.)