15 Aug 2022

The Terrifying Taco Bell & Cheeze-It Collaboration is Exactly What We Deserve

There’s little to be prideful of when considering the warped shape of things in the United States. I mean goddamn…just look around: Covid is on the rise and Monkeypox was recently declared a national emergency. Pelosi is flying around the world potentially starting WW3. And FED Chairman Jerome Powell, that

15 Aug 2022

The Haunted History of The Rite Spot in The Mission

Back in the Days…is a column about the weird and wonderful history of bars, houses, and spaces in the Bay Area. These histories will often involve ghosts. It will also involve those still living who remember what has been and want the wonderful character of the city to continue to thrive. San

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17 Jun 2022

The San Francisco Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the San Francisco Beer Passport. There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 37 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 37 of the finest locally owned bars,

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15 Aug 2022

Meet Jessica Bejarano, the “Tattooed Lesbian Latina” Founder of SF Philharmonic

San Francisco is never short on miraculous stories of singular, maverick individuals that have defied all the odds to achieve their own versions of success. But with Jessica Bejarano, the self described “tattooed lesbian Latina” founder and conductor of the San Francisco Philharmonic, even the most jaded San Franciscan might need a moment to pause, then walk over to the Herbst Theatre to watch her throw down with her orchestra.

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15 Aug 2022

Some of the Many Reasons Why Oakland’s DIY Music Scene is So Special

Nicholas Taplin has been making photo essays on DIY music culture since 2005.  His documentation style is kind of “gonzo journalism,” but tries to include lots of detailed facts.  His website (where all of his work is published) is This photo essay covers the Cheree/Share show at Eli’s Mile

12 Aug 2022

West Oakland Now Has Its Own Farmers Market

As of June, West Oakland now has its own Farmers Market. We sat down with the creator of the market to learn more about what makes this one unique and what the future holds for this new event. Currently, the market features 45-50 vendors including local, seasonal growers, pasture-raised meats,

Katy Atchison 0
11 Aug 2022

Musician You Should Know: Saint Solitude & Dup Crosson

Saint Solitude is an Oakland-based band that describes their music as “bittersweet fuzz” – or in my own words, indie with a unique mix of beats, synth, and lyrics that will carry your heart away with them. Creator and lead musician, Dup Crosson, believes that Saint Solitude has always been

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Poolside 2021 by David Wynn
11 Aug 2022

Poolside’s ‘Daytime Disco’ was Born in LA, but its Heart is in San Francisco

I feel like I love San Francisco more than I love LA. If you find a little niche that works for you in San Francisco, it’s magical. If your rent’s not crazy, you can really have an experience that is like what you might do on vacation in Europe almost every day.

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