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Thunder Gulch Presents: MONSTER NIGHT LIVE! at UCB Theatre Tonight!

The thing with Halloween falling on a Monday is that you can tire yourself out before you even get to the big day itself. If, like me, you are loathe to put on your costume yet again, but don’t want to feel like a lame by staying in on Halloween night, then it might be time to sit back and let someone else create a spectacle. Improv group Thunder Gulch has just the right thing, with “MONSTER NIGHT LIVE!” at UCB Theatre.

The Thunder Gulch performers, including Shannon O’Neill – “who’s been with the theatre so long that she’s practically a ghost” – and “Daily Show” writer, Zhubin Parang, will be replacing SNL cast members with “ghouls and goblins” and serving up an adventurous night of “S.N.Hell.” Ticket’s are $5 and you can make reservations here to avoid waiting in the standby line.

Thunder Gulch Presents: MONSTER NIGHT LIVE!
at UCB Theatre
307 W 26th St (between 8th & 9th Ave’s)

Photo Credit:Inside the Actor’s Studio Apartment

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