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02 Jun 2009

Cheap Shots @ Cheap Shots, FREE Shots If It's Your B-Day

There is a bar in the East Village that diligently carries the torch that so many others have let extinguish, where  kinda transient, tatoooed patron types collect their paltry earnings and hand them over in exchange for cheap shots, or better yet, glory. Cheap Shots is one of those simple,

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01 Jun 2009

FREE Wine at Imprint TV Launch Party

Imprint-TV is a new news source for the New York area focusing on positive news, hoping there is still some taste and decency left willing to choose uplifting and human over sensationalism.    The fact they are having a launch party with free wine is a good start.   My

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31 May 2009

FREE Colt at VICE Afterparty with RSVP

Although the screening at MoMA is sold out for the documentary “The Ride” there will be an after party thrown/hosted/branded by Vice at Rodeo Bar according to MyOpenBar.  There will also be a midnight performance by The Weight.   Maybe if the modern cowboys rode competition bulls less and protected

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30 May 2009

Tug Of War on Coney Island

I’m on my Saturday morning death bed, fighting pyloric valve spasms wrestling with last night’s beer fumes that are trying to escape to the light of day.  Keeping me company are memories of guys drinking from pitchers of Yeungling sideways and chugging roided car-bombs, appropriately called “Truck Bombs” in a

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29 May 2009

New York: Save Fashion! Final Sale Extravaganza

Fashion’s in trouble..and it needs your help!   Ultimate arbiters of independent style, Refinery29 have been hosting their fantastic pop-up shop SAVE FASHION for the past month.  It’s in a glass walled annex attached to Port Authority and the racks of designer dresses, shorts and handbags ensure that the drunk

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29 May 2009

Vodka Open Bar and More @ Beauty Bar Grand Opening

The past two nights I have walked home in the drizzle eating Papaya Dog fries and cheeseburgers, giddy with the discovery that when you order to go and receive the styrofoam box you are given more fries than if you were to order them separately.  I could use a life

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28 May 2009

Pizza Party with Movie, Pizza, DJs in BK

This could be a shady, underhanded marketing ploy by Pepto Bismol, but it seems there is a big hoorah about pizza going on tonight out in BK.  I could have used a piece of pizza last night, but instead dripped sauce all over my jeans walking and eating a shitty

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