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FREE TONIGHT: Get Drunk and Learn About the History of Partying in Brooklyn

Get drunk and party while learning or…learn about […]

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Libraries, Galleries, and Hostels: The Broke-Ass Traveler’s Sanctuaries in Italy

Photo by Leigh Cuen

Italy is not a cheap place to travel. Expensive culinary delights call out to pedestrians like sirens. Italy’s famous museums

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Look at BrokeAssStuart.com Through the Years Thanks to the Wayback Machine

I just learned about the Wayback Machine this morning when I read this article on Time's Techland blog. Some fucking genius created this amazing digital time


NYC vs. OC – Round 1

I've been in NYC for 6 weeks now and it's not difficult to spot the differences between here and where I'm from, sunny Southern California (Orange County,


Dempsey’s Drunken Smartass Olympics

 You had me at "Drunken." Dempsey's in the East Village is known for their Wednesday pub trivia night... and the title just


Bruce Davidson’s FREE Exhibit “Subway,” Talk TONIGHT

If you're a huge fan of FREE art - particularly about the great City of New York, check out a FREE exhibition of selections

Get Free Admission to the Museum of the City of New York

Until the internetz blesses us with a new spewy episode of Drunk History, it looks like we gotta take some learnin' matters into our

Obscura Day: Birthday of the Bizarre

Why, "What is Obscura Day?" you might be asking yourself. "Google it like a normal person and find out!" I might answer. But instead, I will

Undo Damage Done with St. Patrick’s Tours at the Merchant House

It's St. Patrick's Day ya'll, one of the few times all year when the rest of the world joins lushes like us in public inebriation before

Walking is Free: "The Block Beautiful" on E. 19th

Spent all your money on Maker's Friday night and now you ain't got cash for the weekend?  Guess what, po'boys... walking won't cost you a thing