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02 Apr 2013

Payphones as History Project in NYC

Every once in a while, New York drops its guard for a sec and squeals “Pay attention to me!” We, her residents, sometimes forget that we are only the incredibly hip, disaffected cynics we are because she allows us to be. But, like any other living being, she occasionally feels

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08 Nov 2011

FREE Admission and Performance at the New Museum This Thursday

The New Museum— currently home to a ridiculous giant slide, among other awesome artistic attractions– offers FREE admission every Thursday night from 7-9pm.  There’s really no better way to spend a Thursday evening than viewing and discussing contemporary art, followed by whizzing down a humongous tube slide squealing gleefully like

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22 Jul 2010

Guilt-Free Fun for the LES Girls Club tonight at Marfa

Tonight, join the Lower East Side Girls Club to celebrate the fact that the neighborhood isn’t the haven of crack dens and rampant crime it used to be. Tex-Mex spot Marfa will offer up an open bar from 6-8 PM (cough, did you read that!? OPEN. BAR.) with appetizers and

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