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FREE Art Show: Fawad Khan at Lu Magnus Art Lab & Salon

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It’s nearly impossible to get to see and be up to date on all the best new art in this city, so consider this your major tip– if you only go to one art show this year, make it Fawad Khan’s solo show, FRACTURED REVERIE, at the Lu Magnus Art Laboratory + Salon.

First, a few words on the venue. You see, Lu Magnus is atypical in that their mission is to incorporate various forms of art and creativity into one space– food, dance, fashion, and even conversation, hence the “salon”. So, you’re definitely not going to be standing around in silence with a bunch of self-important pricks, basically.

But on to Fawad Khan. The work I’ve seen of his in person has been mostly pictorial collage, which he’s shown internationally in Hong Kong, India, and Canada– this show, however, marks his solo debut in the U.S. His work as a whole marries personal/political, beauty/violence in the freshest non-Quentin Tarantino-esque way possible. It’s violent, sometimes abrupt, and emotionally charged– but what I think makes it very special is that there’s some sort of Wong Kar-Wai-like delicateness about it. Though a lot of his larger themes revolve around war and violence, there’s also something very personal and specific (although the personal is obviously political), reflecting qualities that are unmistakably New York.

You can check out more of Khan’s work (the wrath of Khan, if you will) here, as well as a writeup in Time Out New York, and the facebook invite to the show at Lu Magnus.

Lu Magnus Art Laboratory + Salon
Friday, March 25th, 6pm
55 Hester Street (btwn Ludlow and Essex)
New York, NY [Lower East Side]

Photo Courtesy of: Lu Magnus Art Laboratory + Salon
Title: Take Me to The Downtown Farm (Bowery)
Date: 2011
Size: 60in x 40in
Medium: Gouache and ink on paper
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Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

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