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Earlier this month, we talked about ombre, how it’s super neat and super easy because all it involves is dipping an object into shades of paint a couple of times. And what could be easier than dipping something into paint a couple of times? The only think I can think of is dipping something into paint just once, which, hey, leads us right to the craft project known as paint dipping. Much like ombre, it’s painfully easy, pretty self-explanatory and can be done on almost any object, like so:

Vases: An easy way to start, vases can be dipped in paint and allowed to dry upside down so the paint drips, or taped off to create stripes of paint. Neons are striking, metallics add an edge.

Jars: Just like vases, paint-dipped jars are an easy afternoon project. Decorated jars can then be used to hold flowers, candles, office supplies and more.

Table Setting: From hand-made bowls to glasses and utensils, pretty much everything at your place setting can be improved by a blast of color. Chopsticks, cutlery, and wooden utensils are all improved by a colorful coat, while bowls and glasses are classed up with some metallic embellishment. A good tip here: using chalkboard paint gets you the added bonus of being able to write names on your glasses, so you don’t lose track of whose drink is whose.

Furniture: A quick tip of paint can spruce up a chair, bright paint on table legs can draw the eye, and subtle shades of brown and tan can add dimension. Either way, a dip in paint can really improve that street score.

Shoes: Tape ‘em off and paint the tips or edges of a pair of boots, heels, or flats in a bright or metallic color and you’ve practically got a new pair of designer shoes.

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

A freelance writer, blogger and poet based in San Francisco, Amber has written for PC World, InfoWorld, and the 16th & Mission Review. She has performed at City Hall, Litquake, the Brainwash, 16th & Mission, BlueSix, and SFSU among other places. Amber is also consummate fan of swearing, organizational freak, yoga practitioner, music geek, caffeine addict, and tattoo enthusiast who enjoys platform shoes, making out, thumb wrestling and fighting the good fight. She owns a bicycle named Gretel, a motor scooter named Elroy and a cat named Simon. She can be found in various virtual locations all over your interwebs.

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