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I’ve long held the belief that books have the edge on e-readers in a number of ways, at least as far as DIY goes – after all you can repurpose a book into other neat items, like bookshelves or safes. Likewise, the pages inside the book are incredibly valuable because they can be used in a hella long list of crafts. It’s just repurposing print, y’all. We’ve discussed the infinite possibilities before. However, one of the ways to upgrade print that we haven’t yet covered is book page art, like so:

I’d like to see you make that out of a Kindle. There are actually some really lovely examples of simple book page art here, or here. It’s pretty straightforward stuff, just draw, paint, collage, and glue a design on top of a page from a book. It helps to start with a photo or image that you like, and try to build it onto the page. You can find some good inspiration with a quick Google, Etsy, or Pinterest image search as well, of course.

Or, cut out shapes from the pages (putting a bird on it is the go-to option here), and string the shapes along an entry way or near a window. You can also glue the shapes onto the background of a frame, a wreath, or overlapping other artwork.

If you’d like to step that up a notch, move on up to book page roses – which can be left plain or dyed colors at the ends with magic markers. Or, cut out circle shapes and make a book page pendant lantern (yay pendant lanters), cut out strips and line your plain candles for a warm effect, or go big and make this elegant book page necklace from very small book page circles that have been ever so slightly burned on the edges. Just punch a hole and string them on a necklace with jump hoops and some faux-pearls and love the lit look.


Images courtesy, Pinterest,, Allons-y, and

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

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