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Who has the Best Sushi, East Coast or West Coast?

Updated: Jun 24, 2016 15:17
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Get ready to rip me a new asshole. Why? Because no matter what I write, this is one of the most controversial subjects on food in America. The thing about sushi, for me, isn’t so much about which is better. It’s about where to get the most delicious types of sushi.

So, want to know who takes the cake when it comes to damn good sushi?


Get your broke-ass to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Some of my friends may want to kill me, but I’m gonna say it: Kyoto is better than Sakura 6. Totally misspelled online as Kyoto Shushi, in all its Japanese glory, this is my favorite place to grab sashimi. Why? The Amaebi. In Asia, this shrimp is known as sweet shrimp. It’s delicate and tiny, set all alone, with no f’ing rice. Where most places get it wrong: It’s not the traditional cooked shrimp that you might find at a damn Captain D’s. You can’t fool me. It should look like it’s going to melt in your mouth. Like fucking jelly. Also the prices a la carte are killer for all you broke-ass mo’ fos, and they have so many roll combinations you can go a million times and never try everything. When it comes to sashimi: East Coast nails it!

Courtesy kevinEats

Hand Rolls 

I didn’t understand what hand rolls were until someone introduced me to soy paper. This a West Coast thing, and it’s the most amazing way to eat a hand roll. Why? It melts in your damn mouth. Stuffed with delicious lobster slathered in sweet Asian sauce, and you wonder why every sushi place doesn’t do soy paper. Try any kind of hand roll. I don’t care what you like, just get it in soy paper. You can’t go wrong here sushi lovers — especially in Santa Monica. When it comes to hand rolls: West Coast rules!

Courtesy Yelp

Courtesy Yelp

The Best Broke-Ass Sushi Rolls

When it comes to eating sushi on a broke-ass budget, I had a hard time deciding if East Coast or West coast wins. I’m gonna go West Coast. Most sushi joints there understand the concept of “Happy Hour”. Not only can you score sushi for half off, you get “ah-mazing” deals on booze too! I mean, who doesn’t love sushi from one of the most expensive restaurants in Hollywood for half off and getting drunk at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday? Check out Katsuya for amazing deals when you are in or around L.A. For broke-ass sushi deals: West Coast dominates!



The Best Damn Sushi Ever

When it comes to me really telling you my thoughts on sushi, there has to be a place that combines the best of all sushi styles. The best damn sushi I have ever had, and I have traveled quite extensively, is on the East Coast. A sweet-ass little restaurant in Charleston, WV. Yep. You read that right. West – by God – Virginia. Which for those of you that don’t know your American history, became a state in 1863, when it left the regular Virginia behind.

Ichiban is one of the most amazing restaurants on earth. When you eat there, you will know the reason West Virginia is “Almost Heaven”. Plan to be greeted by the friendly owners Scott and Laura Miller. Know that the head chef Evan Wilson, who is pretty fly at sushi for a white guy, will be there to slice, dice and roll some of the most delicious sushi you have ever eaten. Why? He treats sushi like art. He learned from sushi masters and his passion shows in the food.

From the sashimi, the maki, the delectable starters –even the damn salad dressing is uniquely to die for. The food at Ichiban is Pan-Asian fresh, delicious, and served by the most friendly people on earth. If you ask nicely, like you would for animal style at In-N-Out, Evan might even whip you up some sashimi nachos. Yes, I said fucking nachos.

Courtesy Charleston Gazette

Courtesy Charleston Gazette

Want a happy hour? Hit up Bar 101 next door. You can get half priced sushi bites, and have Alan whip you up a killer martini.

And all of that is the reason East Coast wins, hands down when it comes to Sushi. All because this girl loves her some bad-ass sushi, in the butt-crack of WV, with a damn good drink on a discount.


What are your favorite sushi places? Tell us in the comments below.

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