New Yorkers Fight Trump’s Immigration Policies

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New York City has become a hot bed of activism. From the Mayor calling NYC a sanctuary city, to the Democratic socialist Alexandra Ocasia Cortez winning the congressional primary for the 14th district, New Yorkers are in a fighting mood. Hometown boy Tr*mp has enacted immigration policies that are very much at odds with the left leaning citizens of the Big Apple.

Here is a breakdown of some upcoming protests that send the message that if you think New Yorker’s are just going to roll over and take it, you can fucking fugetaboutit.

Deportee Suitcase Solidarity March

On July 26th there will be a march at Federal Plaza to honor those that have been deported. Some of our friends and neighbors are deported to countries they left as children, where they know no one and may not speak the language. It may be a place with little opportunity, where their sexuality is criminalized, where there is war or drought. They often face grave danger. When ICE deports people, their loved ones are asked to pack a 25lb suitcase that the deportee will take with them. Imagine having to choose just what you would pack for them to have to start over.

The organizers ask that attendees bring one object that you would pack in your loved one’s suitcase if they were deported. What objects, what pieces of clothing, what photos, what books, what letters what would you pack?

The organizers want to shed a light on the cruel deportation machine that is tearing families apart.

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Abolish ICE Everywhere: Four Days of Action

The call to abolish ICE is gaining momentum. Queens Congressional candidate Alexandra Ocasia Cortez promises to lead the fight to end the agency if she’s elected. The organizers hope to keep the momentum going by having a four-day protest demanding accountability.

Starting on July 30th and continuing through August 2nd, Rise and Resist NYC will be holding protests daily to push for the abolishment of ICE by confronting complicit politicians and the corporations that profit from it. The protests begin at City Hall (7/30), then Governor Cuomo’s house (7/31), then Senator Chuck Schumer’s house (8/1) before finishing at the offices of Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase (8/2).

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Bikes Against Deportation

On August 17th bicyclists and pedestrians will be filling the road in front of the Varick St. detention center to slow down any ICE vans trying to exit or enter the facility. They want to show NYC what sanctuary really means. This event draws attention to ICE and the destructive policies of the Trump Administration as well as forces the NYPD’s hand regarding enforcement, protection and cooperation with ICE. It also sends a clear message to the deportees and their families that they are not alone.

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Joe DeLong - NYC Editor

Joe DeLong - NYC Editor

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