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24 Feb 2011

Mabel’s Smokehouse: Cheap BBQ for the North Side

I happen to be one of very few fortunate people who lives right smack in the middle of the south and north Williamsburg, making the culinary delights of either side not particularly that far out of reach. It has recently come to my attention that there are not that many

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15 Feb 2011

NYC Apartment Staples

Not being a native New Yorker, or even East Coast-er, I’ve come to notice the things that don’t resemble strip malls and shirtless guys listening to Sublime/Red Hot Chili Peppers/the worst radio hits of 1995.  Especially, though, when apartments are concerned, there are some especially funny and idiosyncratic things about

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08 Feb 2011

Peter Pan Donuts: Sexual Red Velvet

I don’t know if it’s all this P90X I’ve been torturing myself through doing, but I’ve recently been craving the absolute worst possible things for my health. One of the best/worst things that you can ever put into your body since pancakes is DEFINITELY donuts. I know, I know, it’s

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03 Feb 2011

FREE Movie Screening at Angelika

So, have you heard of this movie called Home? It’s a documentary from French photojournalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand who, with his crew, flew around in a helicopter taking aerial pictures of different regions in over fifty countries for eighteen months. Why, you ask? To very tangibly show the biological inter-dependency (there’s

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30 Jan 2011

For the Noobs: 5 NYC Events To Say “No” To

When you first move to New York, you obviously want to get a lay of the land, meet some new people, and not be a wet blanket, generally. But, like, sometimes you just have to say no. Sometimes you really should be saving money and not pretending that being slowly

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25 Jan 2011

Washington Commons: Yuppie Snoozefest or That Person was Just an Asshole?

I swear, I don’t even know why I look at yelp reviews sometimes, or just comments of anything in general, because there’s always some troll or someone that has SOME problem with SOMETHING. ALWAYS. I’ve even found bad reviews on Trip Advisor for the fucking Four Seasons. Like, REALLY guys?

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18 Jan 2011

Hey Williamsburg: What The Hell Is That Place?

Have you ever walked down the street in Williamsburg, for example, and been like: what the hell is that place? Those paper mache horses in the window and unwieldy name seem to indicate that it’s an art gallery, etc etc. Most of the time the answer IS art gallery, but

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